I can’t dance. In fact, because of me, my kids have made my wife and I promise we will never dance in public. So when I met Cassidy Little – an ex Royal Marine who lost a leg in Afghanistan and in 2015 won Strictly – I asked his advice.

“How do I stop looking like me when I dance (awkward, wooden and uncomfortable) and start looking like you (just better in every way)?”

His answer was one word:


It’s an old cliche we’ve all heard – don’t do things by halves, put in 110%, if you think you can you can… etc.

Somehow, Cass’ choice of word felt more powerful. You have to invest in what you are doing.

Holding strong for long-term growth

Investment says so many things to me. It’s visionary, it accepts risks, it knows there may be losses in the short term which eventually mature to gain, and it is a brave choice weighed against holding onto to what you have and staying in your box.

So now, in the bizarre times we are all living in, I’m trying to invest. Not just in things that help me now, but in choices that will make a life-long difference.

Bake bread not just for now – make baking bread something you’ll always do.

Work out not just for lockdown – keep working out to stay healthy beyond the pandemic.

Zoom-meet your family in the US to catch up on isolation stories, not just now – make it a regular date that reaffirms your closeness forever.

To stretch the analogy a bit further… investment gives you long-term growth.

I’ve been inspired by Cassidy in so many ways. He also has the ability to make me laugh about the same thing again and again and again, and never stops reminding me to be grateful.

“Pride. Determination. Aggression. Resilience. Being cheerful in the face of adversity.”

Cassidy Little’s Five Fundamentals

So whatever you choose to do for your own development or wellbeing now, see it as an investment.

Oh, and watch Cassidy’s Ted Talk. It’s an amazing way to spend 17 minutes.

A good investment.

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David Solomon


Managing Director, Sun and Moon Training