The Sun and Moon Podcast: Hot Air

06/04/2021 – EPISODE 6: Selling

David and his guests discuss how selling and sales have changed over the past year, as well as how the landscape may permanently shift in the future. Their thoughts focus on the raft of new digital tools available, the opportunity that salespeople now have to make the new rules work for them, and the ways that these approaches may help engender customers’ trust.
With Eric Stevens, Matthew Dixon and Simon de Cintra.

27/08/2020 – EPISODE 5: Leadership, Values & Recovery

In leadership, values are the constant — especially in a crisis. David Solomon is joined by a trio of experts—backed by many years’ experience in hotels, cruises, and values-based leadership—to discuss the importance of taking care of your people, positive energy and forward thinking.
With Padraig McGillicuddy, Darragh McGillicuddy and PJ Brady.

27/08/2020 – EPISODE 4: Creativity & Innovation

In this episode, David is joined by a business expert, a violinist and an innovation facilitator to talk creativity. Together, they tease out the lessons that can be learned from lockdown and consider the positive changes that may emerge more long term.
With Peter Moller, Tamsin Waley-Cohen and Toby Scott.

09/07/2020 – EPISODE 3: Psychological Safety & Speaking Up

David is joined by a therapist, a royal marine and a specialist in workplace psychological safety to talk about how we can cultivate the strength to speak up, the design of psychologically safe environments and the personal power that can be forged when we take a deep breath and challenge ourselves.
With Vicki Townsley, Cassidy Little and Becky Wells.

09/07/2020 – EPISODE 2: Resilience & Self-Care 

In this episode, David is joined by a coterie of resilience experts to discuss the best techniques for dealing with a crisis. David and his guests ruminate on the changing face of leadership during the pandemic, comb through a toolbox of resilience-strengthening approaches, and receive isolation tips from an ex-submarine commander.
With Jessica Pryce-Jones, Katie Leveson, and Paul Boisser.

25/06/2020 – EPISODE 1: Virtual Pitching 

David Solomon and guests discuss the pitching challenges presented by Covid-19. From the nightmare of pitching to a black screen, to Zoom howlers, to the correct use of cats, this episode seeks to furnish you with a wealth of tips for pitching virtually.
With Gareth Beynon, John Dore, and Jessica Bird.